Interlude: Animals, Part 2

Now that you’ve met the chickens, how about the dog?

This is Lily, the beagle. Also my feet…

Jeff mentioned wanting a dog this fall. I enabled him, looking at photos on pet shelter sites and Craigslist, and joining a closed regional Facebook group for pet rehoming. We made a couple of inquiries about specific dogs, applied at a shelter with a nice variety of breeds, and made a list of what we were looking for.

Item #1 was good with cats. Surprise, we actually have one of those already – look down and to the right! The first dog we actually got to meet in our search process was Lily (then Paisley – “Lily” just fell out of Jeff’s mouth in the course of the interaction). We thought we were just going to get our feet wet, see how well we’d be able to evaluate a dog and its fit for our home. We’d even said in our shelter application “if we were smart, we’d wait until spring”.

Tinkerbell (clingy, fae, gets into trouble if you leave her alone for 5 minutes; arrived in our lives as a stray on opening night of Peter Pan many moons ago) acclimating to Lily’s presence.

Well, I went in prepared to say no, and tried not to get too attached. But Jeff admitted in the car on the way home that he wanted her. We went by a local shelter the next day to see if the attachment we felt was special. It was. I picked her up a couple of weeks later…and she seems to have turned out to be my dog! (And Jeff is surprisingly fond of the chickens. So it all seems to have worked out.)

Next Tuesday, we return to real time (almost) and the eagerly awaited resumption of wrestling with textiles: in which I am beguiled into draping a foofy holiday dress by a sheer green fabric (with opaque curly black accents) from the stash.