The Grand Tour, Part 6: Barcelona

Our first day in Barcelona, we made our way out to the beach, with a stop in a little archaeological museum that hurt my brain with its Catalan labels. Once seaside, we discovered this structure we like to call the “bro station”.

We wandered through a large city park with lots of different attraction areas. This one was some kind of mythological monument, if I recall / interpreted correctly in the first place? Elsewhere, we saw some dancers practicing.

Same park, different part. They’ve got the ubiquitous victory arch in the distance, and the bicyclist is approaching a large map of the old city as enclosed by its walls.

There were plenty of small entertainments going on. The bubbles were lovely to see, though perhaps unsurprisingly the people releasing them were aiming for tips. We walked by the Sagrada Familia before calling it a night.

Just a bit of whimsy – we couldn’t get over the pigeon waiting in the subway!

We enjoyed a translation quirk at our hotel breakfast: we decided that what seemed to literally say “time fruit” was intended to imply “seasonal”.

On the final day of our trip we got up at…3? 4? to “ride ALL the tin cans” – bus, plane, train bus and finally come home.