A Journey to China, Part 3: Hangzhou, Suzhou & Wuzhen

For the next stage of our tour, we all packed up and flew to Shanghai, then got bussed around the triangle of Hangzhou, Suzhou and Wuzhen. At this remove, I’m not sure I can keep straight which city was which, but each had a specific attraction.

First a quick shoutout for the hotel art. We really enjoyed checking the various floors at some of the hotels to see what little sculptures they had out on display.
The highlight of our first city was gardens. This is an interior shot of course!
Outside with framing trees and a reflecting pool.
Gorgeous red foliage on the other side.
Just when we thought maybe we were coming to the end, there was more garden!
A picturesque rock wall.
Same, but in miniature!
A stunning red gate surrounded by flowers.
A few other amusing highlights, with Batman joke, goose friend and a snack.
Next up a boat ride on the canal. These structures have been around for a very long time!
Yet another pavilion.
One of our best finds of the trip. We always enjoy popping into little stores and seeing what convenience foods are like. You would think these would be the equivalent of American gas station sandwiches. The labels were amusing. The taste was excellent. The price was even better. And best of all? The brown one, I kid you not, was cake. …how 2020.
Kentucky Friend Chicken was interestingly very aspirationally middle class, hence the gold suit etc. And by local standards, quite expensive.