Mundane Mending

I am pleased to report that I have finally powered through my massive pile of mending:

  • I closed up a couple of tears (one about palm width, the other fingertip size) in a long flowing skirt;
  • I put the second button back on the waist of my brown pants (and boy has that been waiting a long time); and
  • I hemmed five pairs of pants that my mom gave me – and I really hope I like the length, ’cause I pinned all five at one go and didn’t try any of them on in the course of things…

Tinkerbell came and sat on my lap during the pants hemming session. Lucky for her, I was curled up on the couch so I could comfortably hold my hemming up over her head. And then she was further spoiled when I later returned to the dining room for a snack and instead of making her get up off of my chair, I moved it around the table and put a different chair in my spot instead. Of course, she promptly moved over to his chair so he’d have a hard time sitting down, too.